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0x800ccc6f Outlook error

Cannot send emails due to error code 0x800ccc6f

If you are unable to send emails and they got stuck in the “Outbox”, it is due to some misconfiguration. 

Check the email configuration, try to test send/receive emails. If the emails sending fails, this is required to check SMTP settings.

Outlook is a Microsoft email application that is configured through any email account. You can configure multiple email accounts at once on outlook program.

outlook error windows 10

You will find the configuration settings from the service provider pages or on webmail. The emails once configured with outlook start sending and receiving emails from the Outlook application. The predecessor for outlook is a free Windows Live Mail. It is an inbuilt app on Windows 10 or you can download it for free from Windows 10 Store. You can also get this Mail app from Microsoft essentials for the other operating systems.

Any application requires the SMTP settings that can communicate the application through the internet to the service provider server.

 For example, few email SMTP settings are mentioned for reference.

Gmail Settings:

For Gmail sending mails error code 0x800ccc6f, Gmail settings are as below. with Port 587

Comcast mail error 0x800ccc6f settings for SMTP are with port 465

Yahoo mail error 0x800ccc6f reference SMTP settings with port 465

Hotmail SMTP settings with port 587

Aol SMTP settings with port 587

Outlook smtp settings with port 587

ATT email settings are the same for with port 465

From the above explanation, you can understand the sending email settings required to configure emails. Based on that, cross-check all the email settings. If you still get this error code 0x800ccc6f, talk to the technician to check and assist. If we see the error messages related to the application, it is required to repair, uninstall and reinstall the application. Also, we have to solve the root causes for error code 0x800ccc6f.

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