How to perform SFC SCAN?

SFC is a system file checker scan process. This will clear the system file violations by replacing them with the original settings. It will clear most of the basic software issues with the computer.

Any software troubleshooting starts with SFC SCAN. If this is a success, then proceed to the next step of troubleshooting.

Steps to perform SFC SCAN:

Open command prompt as an administrator. For that you can search for cmd and right click on the command prompt icon and select run as administrator. It will open a black terminal window pointed to c:\windows\system32>

There you need to type the command line sfc scannow and hit enter

it appears like below

c:\windows\system32> SFC /SCANNOW

You must give a space after typing SFC and then use a slash separator and type SCANNOW without spaces. This will scan all the system files and perform this process. It may sometimes be slow or stuck at some percentage. It means there are corrupted files on the computer. In a healthy computer, this process will take less than 5 mins but if this process is taking too long time, it means there are some internal issues.

To address the system file related issues, you can also chat to our techs who are trained on this Windows support.