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Documents showing Unlicensed product message

What if a document shows Unlicensed Product message on the top?

Unlicensed product messages are very common to have, if your product is expired or if you forgot to renew it on time. Let us explain in what cases do you see these unlicensed related messages first.

If a user has Office 365 subscription, in case of the auto-renewal option is disabled, the office products show the unlicensed messages if the renewal is not done on time.0

Frequently seen errors appear on the following products:

Excel Unlicensed, word unlicensed, outlook unlicensed, and PowerPoint unlicensed.

Reason: As the users tend to use the above products frequently, there are chances to notify these unlicensed messages on the above products.

In some cases when there are technical glitches on a user machine, there are chances to see those unlicensed messages.

unlicensed product messages in windows 10

In the case of Windows 10 operating system, if the product keys are not used to activate the products, this shows the unlicensed product messages.

Windows 10 products are initially provided as an upgrade and for free for a period of time. If the users upgrade additional product licenses with a product key, users may confront with these error messages.

Reasons: if the same product key is used in another machine, there are chances for duplicate activation or exceed the allowed limit.

In another situation, if the users have traveled to a different time zone and the system time mismatches, there can be a temporary issue. If the user sees the unlicensed massage, one need not be panic regarding the data security. The data will be safe but if there is a delay in activation, that may get locked until the product is activated again.

Assistance for unlicensed product messages:

If you need any assistance or you would like to purchase a new product key required for activation, you can chat with our experts here on this unlicensed product support page.

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  1. I tried some repair steps but my document still shows unlicensed.
    #Word unlicensed
    Error opening a word file and I need immediate help and it would be appreciated

    1. If word program is unlicensed, kindly check if the issue is with one document or all the docs. I would advise you to look up your excel and powerpoint to make sure if they are also showing unlicensed error messages on top.

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