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How Microsoft Chat Support works?

Chat support for office and windows products:

Microsoft provides chat support for their products. It is carried out from their account page and when the user has a service related issue with the purchased product, then the user can reach the support from their dashboard.

If the issue is related to the password, there is an auto help where the user can resolve the password related issues.

The below link is useful to reset the password for the Microsoft accounts.

Chat help is a premium service option for specially challenged. It is recommended for the users who have hearing aid can directly reach the Chat assistance.

Microsoft chat and Support

If you have any emergency and cannot stay on long hold or phone calls with Microsoft, you can reach on chat support.

Microsoft Chat Support is also available from the chat related link and that is non proactive, as the user volume is high, it is firstly connected to the automated answer machine. If possible, most of the answers will be given out through the helpful search links.

This page is committed to provide direct chat support for the people who are looking for Microsoft chat support. We can provide satisfactory solutions for most of the Microsoft products related technical issues. If the issues are related to Account related, as explained above, you should reach the phone support or either the direct link from where automated machine will take you to the account support.

Technical issues :

Product-related technical queries include the software installation support, update related issue support, upgradable software solutions, network-related errors, system compatibility checks, etc.

This Microsoft Chat Support is rendered on Live Assist and it will help you out to bring on the solutions sooner. We have a professional team of experts who can handle any technical issue related to outlook mail, office 365, office program, windows and other software related issues.

If you need assistance, talk to our tech on chat for more understanding.

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