How to delete emails from outlook?

Steps to delete emails?

Emails delete from outlook process

  • Deletion of one email
  • Deletion of Multiple emails

How do you delete one email?

You can open the email and select Delete button at the top or press “Ctrl + D” on the keyboard.

Or else you can select or “highlight” the email using your arrow keys on the keyboard and then click Delete button on the keyboard or press “Ctrl + D”.

How to delete using the mouse pointer?

You can point the mouse arrow to the right corner of an email and you can find a X button that helps you to delete the email.

gmails for outlook
Email to outlook

Multiple email deletion process:

You can select the multiple emails by pressing and holding the shift button on your keyboard and you can manage selection using by clicking your emails with mouse button.  it will select multiple entries and then you can use the delete button or press “Ctrl D”

How to choose the emails above my selection or below my selection?

You can tap on the shift button and hold it with one finger and then use the arrow keys up or down to make a selection and press ctrl D to delete the emails.


So I have to delete one email and returned it back by pressing ctrl Z to show you. Because you are the right person to delete emails. We can also delete all the emails in one shot but you should be the right person to make a selection of what to delete and what not to delete.

So I have shown you an example with mouse arrow key now and next is multiple emails.

You can play with the selection by holding this shift button and the mouse pointer. This is one method.

Next is holding the shift button and used a down arrow key and it will slowly select your emails in a sequence.

When you leave the shift button and use the down arrow key, it will not select the previous ones. It will be disappeared and start over from where you are selecting.

Live Assist Experts support:

We have a team of experts who will be trained to resolve this issue and try can reach us back on chat for any help.

For any of the above troubleshooting steps for this error, make a backup of your registry and create a system r restore point. So that the system health can be restored if something goes wrong with the troubleshooting.

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