How to fix Word Not Responding

Word not responding :

Word not responding message often appears as an error message or when the entire Word user interfaces freezers. Though the experience is frustrating when you are working on an important project, you need to either force quit the program or wait for it to respond. This can be disastrous if you haven’t saved the document you have been working on.

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What is the major reason for the ‘word not responding’ error message?  

A user will often encounter the message ‘Word not responding’ while using the program. The most common reasons have been listed below.

  • A damaged program file
  • Due to an incompatible add-in
  • Failure to save, open, or access a document that has been hosted on a remote server
  • Several third-party applications such as Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Abby Fine reader, Tuneup Utilities, and others can also result in the problem
  • Microsoft Word can below stop or stops responding if an open document consists of excessive tracked changes or comments

How to fix the issue of ‘Word not responding’?

Sometimes you can fix this issue with something as simple as restarting the computer. However, if the problem is not resolved with this, then you will have to consider disabling add-ins and also possibly repairing the program with the best courses of action. 

Here are some of the options you can try to fix the issue.

Start Word in Safe Mode

Try loading the application without add-ins and templates to see if your program works as it should.

Disable the add-ins

If you don’t get notified of the error message ‘Work not responding’ while running the device in Safe Mode, then an incompatible add-in could likely be the culprit. Follow the steps below to disable an add-in.

Solution Steps :

1: Select the File >Option>Add-ins for opening the Word Options

2:  Choose the Go button under the Manage option near the bottom of the window for opening the COM Add-ins dialog box

3: Clear all the checkboxes next to each add-in for disabling them

4: Select OK to apply the changes and close the dialog box

If the error message no longer appears, then enable each add-in one at a time and then restart the Word document to identify which one is causing the issue.

Repair Word :

Open The Settings app and select the Apps & Features option. Then choose Microsoft Office from the app list. Select the Modify option and follow all the steps to repair Office programs.

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