word Unlicensed

Microsoft Unlicensed Product

Microsoft Unlicensed

The above is an error message that appears widely on all Microsoft Licensed Products if the product is not activated. For instance, we have office and outlook and other standalone office products like word, excel, PowerPoint and project. Also, Windows Operating system can show you these unlicensed error messages at times when the Windows is not been activated at the time of installation.

Microsoft unlicensed product
Microsoft Support

In certain cases, the user would have installed the products on a trial version or the companies that offer you the laptops or desktops give them pre-installed products for a fixed period of time. The time duration is initially mentioned to you for the license of the Microsoft Products.

However, if you do not activate the Microsoft products before the time lapses, they would turn as unlicensed and show popup messages on the program. In general, the products like office are widely used and are preinstalled in all the new computers. Office products like 365 a Microsoft product turns unlicensed as soon as their 30 day’s trial period is over. And some computer manufacturers provide you a one-year license with their computers and then the products show Microsoft Unlicensed messages on the screen.

Solutions for Unlicensed Error code

We are here to assist you with this kind of issues and can get you the licensed products at an affordable price. Our team of experts check your computers with Microsoft Products and can get you the best deals that suit your computer in and long or short time based on your choice and the age of computers. This helps you to see that all your Microsoft products licensed.

Microsoft Chat Support
Microsoft Team Chat

Can all Microsoft products show unlicensed?

The answer is no, because some Microsoft products are pre-activated along with Microsoft Windows products. We can only mention about the few products that can cause the issues and this is just because of the invalid license available on the users computers.

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