Standalone Outlook

How to download Standalone Outlook :

Want to download and use the standalone aka desktop version of Outlook?

Here are the steps you can follow if you want to install outlook. Outlook product is available in standalone version as well as subscription based version.

The standalone Outlook version is a one-time payment for the outlook license. you have to update, you will get free updates throughout the life cycle of your product version. If you have to upgrade, you need to purchase a copy of a different license key to upgrade in the case of a standalone outlook.

If you use a subscribed version of office product, you get the licenses free along with the latest versions for free. The upgrades and updates are provided for free with the subscription version. But the condition is that you have to keep paying for the license every time.

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Standalone Outlook installation

You can also install standalone version of outlook using 365. It is called offline version of your program. This is downloaded as an ISO image file and extract to install the office program.

How to install Outlook?

  • You need to purchase the key from the Microsoft Store
  • Redeem your key on
  • then continue to enter the product key in the given spaces.
  • Hit continue to install and then download the version of the outlook shown.
  • Outlook setup can be initiated as an administrator to finish the installation.

How to configure outlook?

  • You can set up outlook through IMAP and POP3 methods.
  • Choose your email and verify the setting on the mail provider settings page.
  • Click start and access the control panel.
  • You can click on Mail configuration and create a new email account to finish the setup.
  • Now select the mail settings as IMAP or POP3
  • Choose your email and mail server
  • Enter the password and click advanced settings
  • Choose the Ports for SMTP and Incoming emails.
  • Click Finish and restart outlook.
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