Unable to connect Onedrive

Unable to connect to Onedrive

One drive is a Microsoft Cloud service. It stores the data on the cloud and you can share it with others with the links. One drive works like mentioned below:

Case 1:

At first, you need to download and install the onedrive application on your computer. This asks you to login to the application with your Microsoft Account. A free Microsoft account offers you up to 5GB free space on cloud.

When you can’t connect to onedrive, you have to check the following:

Case 2:

See if the internet is working.

Make sure the antivirus programs are not blocking your application.

Sync fails when you were signed out of onedrive, make sure it’s logged in.

Onedrive app icon should display on the taskbar system tray.

Enough space left on onedrive.

You can check if the duplicate file name is an issue.

Onedrive connect


If Onedrive is showing a red X on the icon, then open web Onedrive and check if it is working.

You can also upload and download the files manually from onedrive.live.com. However if there is a lot of data on your computer, then you should download this onedrive desktop application for your computer.

Are you aware of Onedrive multiple accounts?

Yes you heard it right. If you have multiple Microsoft live accounts, you can add them to the same application and can transfer the data from your computer to the web onedrive.

It is found with business onedrive and personal onedrive with the users in general. The personal onedrive is used to store personal data whereas the business onedrive is for official usage, the employees tend to sync their official files and folders on their computers.

What is the advantage of having Onedrive?

In general, onedrive is used for shared files and folders. If the users have multiple devices, they can maintain the data same on all the devices with the help of onedrive. Office 365 or Office 2019. This has the advantage of saving the files from the new applications directly on cloud. So the users can organize their documents as desired.

Unable to connect onedrive also appears when the application is out of date or some account related issues with respect to the user login and 2-step verification.

Hence we suggest to cross check onedrive on web first before you fix the desktop application. For more assistance, you can reach us back on chat.

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