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Fix the issue Excel not working :

Microsoft Excel is the most used form tool by enterprises and individuals for performing basic calculations of profit/loss, graphing and charting data, and more. It is crucial for the program to run smoothly for ensuring data safety. However, still many users often experience errors while using the program. One such common issue faced is ‘Excel not working’. The issue can be annoying, especially when you have some data unsaved.

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Why is the message ‘excel not working’ displayed?

The error message ‘excel not responding’ is usually displayed due to the following reasons. 

  • When you have not installed the latest Excel application or the updates
  • Your Excel application may be used by another process
  • Pre-installed add-ins may be interfering with your Excel application, thereby preventing it from working properly
  • There could be some issue with your MS Office program
  • Outdated antivirus software could sometimes be the issue

Effective ways for fixing the ‘Excel not working issue

Here is a set of comprehensive solutions you can try to fix the ‘Excel not working issue.

Install the latest version of Microsoft Office

If you have not upgraded to the latest Office and Windows Updates, then the error message can show up. You need to check and install the most recent version of the software. It is also recommended to turn on the option of installing any Windows update automatically. You can do this following this simple step.

Control Panel>System and Maintenance>Maintenance>Automatic Maintenance

Save the Excel file in Safe Mode

For resolving the issue, you can open the Excel file in Safe Mode. When you run the Excel file in safe mode, it bypasses all the settings and functionality such as add-ins, changed toolbars, and alternative startup locations. You can open the file in safe mode by pressing and holding the Ctrl button while you start the program. You can also do it by using the safety switch in Command Prompt.

Make sure the excel file is not in use by another process

If an Excel file is in use by another process, then you could sometimes be displayed an ‘Excel not workingmessage. If you try to perform other actions while using Excel, then also you could encounter this issue. To resolve the issue, you need to end the task in the process. If Excel is not in use by any other process and you are still shown the error message, then you need to try another method for resolving the issue.

Steps Disable the add-ins

Add-ins occasionally end up interfering with Excel operations. You can fix this issue by disabling the plug-ins.

1: Click File>Options >Add-ins

2: Select COM Add-ins>Go

3: Uncheck all the add-ins from the list and then click OK.

Restart Excel to check if the issue has been resolved.    

Close or update your antivirus software

‘Excel not responding’ message may also indicate the conflict between Excel and the antivirus software. Disabling the antivirus software can resolve the issue. You can also upgrade the antivirus software for addressing the issue.    

excel not working
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